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Womens-Issues If you have been recently diagnosed and wondering what action, if any to take, there are a number of natural options for treating fibroids which you might like to consider. Providing your doctor has confirmed that your fibroids are not life-threatening (and they very rarely are) then the decision as to what to do is largely up to you. Most doctors will advocate doing nothing at all, and suggest a "wait and see" approach. There are good reasons for this. Firstly, fibroids will often shrink around the time of the menopause so if you can wait until this time, then this is certainly an option. Secondly, conventional options for treating fibroids, such as surgery and hormonal treatments are rarely permanent solutions as they cannot address the root causes, meaning that regrowth is highly likely. This "wait and see" type of approach is all very well if you are in your late forties, with not too long to wait until the menopause or, of course, if your symptoms are mild. However, if you find that you are suffering on a regular basis from fibroid symptoms, then there is no need for this to be happening and you could think about using natural options for treating fibroids. The best way to approach this condition is to use a multifaceted approach which eliminates the .mon causes of fibroids, which are believed to grow due to an imbalance within the body caused by estrogen excess, a poor diet, lifestyle issues and a build up of toxins. There are three essential protocols within the multifaceted approach, and these are 1. The Uterine Fibroid Control Diet 2. Enhancing Immunity and Supplementation 3. Internal Cleaning and Liver Detoxification By using a properly formulated plan which incorporates the above steps extensively, many women have managed to .pletely eliminate their fibroids. As well as this type of all-en.passing approach, some women find that other natural options for treating fibroids can give some temporary relief. These include heat therapy, using castor oil or clay packs and taking herbal remedies to help with heavy bleeding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: