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Notice a small Mid Autumn Festival holiday Hainan police focused on drunk driving traffic violations and other seven categories of original title: small Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Hainan traffic police focused on drunk driving and other seven categories of illegal traffic to ensure that Hainan Province during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday road traffic safe, orderly and smooth, prevent serious road traffic accidents and serious traffic congestion, September 13th Hainan, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police notice requires all police to increase police into strengthening emergency rescue, thorough investigation of drunk driving, overcrowding, illegal manned day outstanding traffic violations. According to the study, during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the short distance travel and passenger travel, travel by car will be significantly increased, the G98 expressway, expressway, city and county at key scenic road, Haikou, Sanya and other key city main entrance road traffic will increase significantly, especially in the afternoon of September 14th and 17, the students go home back to school after the holiday back to the city, traffic flow concentration time, the evening of 15 people go out to the moon, can easily lead to regional and period traffic congestion; bus overcrowding, speeding, fatigue driving, drunk driving, illegal manned, highway illegal parking, reversing retrograde and other illegal activities will be significantly increased, easily lead to road traffic accidents. The Provincial Traffic Police Corps requires all police to early planning, early deployment, carefully judged the holidays before the traffic flow changes and traffic safety situation, careful planning, implement the responsibility to strengthen the highway and tourist attractions surrounding roads and rural control, prevention and control of shuttle students vehicle traffic violations, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of casualty accidents, and resolutely prevent hair growth and large range of time and the traffic congestion. During the festival, local police will strengthen the tourism scenic spots around the road traffic, a reasonable set of temporary parking and route diversion, guide the orderly parking of vehicles, to maintain a good traffic order, to ensure that the scenic area and the surrounding road is not blocked, not chaos; in rural areas, to increase rural passenger van overcrowding, drunk driving and other illegal acts of persuasion and investigation; through the news media to inform a wide range of rush hour traffic and the road before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, released the local traffic blocking point prediction, traffic control and traffic guidance scheme, suggesting that the driver for rational arrangement. Hainan Provincial Traffic Police Corps also urged all localities to send law enforcement teams, strengthen the county road and mountain roads control inspections, timely Chajiu rural van overcrowding, drunk driving, illegal manned trucks and other serious illegal behavior, to maximize the elimination of accidents; to strengthen the school bus patrol control, thorough investigation of school bus and shuttle students vehicle speeding, overcrowding according to the audit, not the line driving, not according to the provisions of the dock site, illegal manned trucks and other acts, to prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents involving students. Provincial Traffic Police Corps clear, in case of emergencies to start the emergency plan in a timely manner, to strengthen the field traffic control command to ensure emergency rescue, medical rescue and transport equipment, such as rescue vehicles priority. To strengthen the disposal of traffic accident scene, once the accident occurred, to achieve fast, fast, fast out of the police rescue disposal, dredge.相关的主题文章: