Optical Instruments And Robots Appear In International Expo Center-t420s

.puters-and-Technology There will be many enterprises from the United States, Japan and China Taiwan and more than 20 provinces and cities in domestic market, which will give us a live show with their mechanical equipment. At that time there will be the boot presentation about 400 units/sets of large physical mechanical equipment such as optical instruments, industrial robots, machine tools, grinding machine , etc., which display the industry’s top technology in the field of mechanical processing. And nearly thousands of pieces of China knife ac.panying with the functional .ponents, to give us a more perfect show, add a booster for the automobile industry and machinery manufacturing technology upgrading in Hubei province, easing the labor shortage, adjusting the industrial structure, and technological innovation. Many well-known machine tool enterprises will be.e the exhibitors, such as Haas, Mitsubishi, Julang, Okuma, Fuji, Hyundai, Dongtai, SMTCL, Haitian group and other international brands will present new models. Wuhan, Huangshi etc., which are the machinery manufacturing clusters in our province will participate the exhibition together and operate their products. Industrial popularization when improving people’s quality of life, at the same time, does harm to the environment, which could not be reckoned with. PM2.5 is paid more and more attention since the winter of last year, citizens of Wuhan has been plagued by "haze". How should we make an anticipation of fine particle size by using the optical instrument when measuring the light transmittance of ash haze? What should the citizens do when facing the "fog"? How can the manufacturing industry achieve the "green production"? How will the new technology and new equipment inspire the promotion and application of "energy conservation and emission reduction"? The international machine tool exhibition will show more of the "green" manufacturing equipment, including the latest equipment, technology, process both home and abroad, which will play a positive role in promoting the technical renovation of machinery manufacturing enterprises, energy conservation, emissions reduction, and energy consumption, etc. At the same time, it is more important to grasp the relationship between economic development and ecological environment protection in Hubei in response to the current environmental degradation. Experts and scholars of Hubei University will put forward the project called " how should we make a difference in Hubei Province during dealing with fog haze " by holding "high-end manufacturing technology BBS" at the exhibition in the morning of Mar.18, who will also discuss with forum guests "green" manufacturing in the meanwhile. Manufacturing demand for industrial automation product hot the market for robots in today’s high labor costs. The robot that South Korean Modern exhibits is simple in operation and flexible in use, to a certain extent to save the cost of enterprise’s personnel management. Relevant research .anization said: "with the robot technology matures generally, it is expected that the cost of robot can be lower than the mans in 2014." In the next two years, the industrial robot market will appear "explosive" growth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: