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UnCategorized Have you talked to your friends and neighbors and they tell you about all of these great discounts they are receiving on their car insurance? Are you wondering why your car insurance .pany didn’t offer you these great discounts? There are several different ways to save money on car insurance, but one of the most .mon and easiest ways is to take advantage of the discounts that are offered. If you car insurance .pany doesn’t ask you or offer you these discounts you need to follow up on these types of discounts and get them active on your policy. Every discount can make a large difference in meeting your financial obligations, especially in these tough times. This list is specific to Oregon car insurance, but many of these can apply to other states. You need to remember that it never hurts to ask. It can hurt the pocket book more to not ask. Here are the discounts that you can get with Oregon car insurance and very possibly in other states: 1. Insure two or more cars on a policy 2. Have your auto and home insurance on the same policy or at least with the same .pany. This actually saves you both directions. You will get a discount on your car insurance policy and on your home owners insurance. 3. Any children you have on your car insurance policy that are under 25 have good grades. Many parents require their children to get good grades to drive so that they can benefit from this discount. It is usually a 3.0 or better, but each state varies. 4. Your child has .pleted a driver education class. 5. You have .pleted a defensive driving course. 6. You are a mature driver between 50 and 65. Any age makes a difference, but this stage gets you a discount. 7. Your vehicle has air bag, an anti locking break system or other safety equipment. Usually automatic seatbelts and other features that help protect you can qualify you for a car discount. 8. If your vehicle has anti-theft features like a car alarm. The anti-theft features also protect you so it is worth looking for these features when purchasing a vehicle. 9.You are a low mileage driver. If you are driving from work to home there is a better rate than if you are traveling around the country. 10. You are in a carpool. 11. You haven’t gotten any traffic tickets in three years. 12. You haven’t been in any accidents in three years 13. You have favorable credit history. This is a good checklist for Oregon car insurance .panies that you for sure can get discounts in Oregon, but if you live in another state you can use this as a starting place and call your car insurance .pany and ask them what discounts your state offers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: