Philippine President announced several new drug list Chinese on the list – in the new network zuczug

Philippine President announced several new drug list Chinese "on the list" – Beijing [Global Times special correspondent Xu Zhenzhen] Philippines star publishing group network 22 reported that the Philippine President Duthel Te 20 announced a new batch of drug list, several Chinese "on the list". Previously, Duthel Te had publicly Philippines underground drug trade network, control the drug trade the country’s drug lords are Chinese or Chinese American identity. According to reports, Duthel Te 20, the ninth infantry division in South camarines Norte province barracks, Philippines drug trafficking affects a wide range, is destroying the whole country. He said, in the list of drug list, there are some "China friends" name, and the Philippines 40 judges all over the country. Duthel Te also read some Chinese names. Duthel Te said he would give the list to the army and the police to let them decide what to do with it. Duthel Tedun promote the police to solve the problem of drug trafficking could destroy the whole country. The Philippines "Manila times" 22, quoted Duthel Te as saying that the drug war has been involved in the government level, if for any reason he did that day coming to solve problems, hope the soldiers continue the drug war. Duthel Te said, "if I die, I tell you, do not abandon your country. To solve this problem, because it will destroy Philippines". Duthel Te stressed that the spread of drugs will destroy the Philippines for future generations, so that they will never be safe. According to the star publishing group reported, Duthel Te said last week that 1000 people have third copies of drug on the list, but this list is confirmed. Duthel Te also accused 5 police officers and local officials to provide protection for drug gangs. According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" report, July 22nd, Chinese drug dealer Chen Meike (sound) by the police shot and killed, according to the report, he is the first one for drug trafficking were killed by the police in Philippines chinese. In addition, the police also Chen Meike’s drug manufacturing plant arrested five chinese. In July 31st there are two suspected drug traffickers were dead for Chinese men and women street. As of now, Walter launched iron anti drug operations have killed nearly 3000 people, half of them were killed in the police in action. A large number of drug trafficking suspects killed by the phenomenon caused by a small number of Philippine domestic human rights organizations and the United States and other countries concerned.相关的主题文章: