Pingdingshan Infernal Affairs Vice President of the court dare to blackmail party

Pingdingshan Infernal Affairs: Vice President of the court dare to blackmail party secretary? Wugang City, Henan province is located in Henan Province, which belongs to Pingdingshan city. Since the end of August 2016, with the "court" Secretary of municipal Party committee vice president of extortion news, let the population of less than 320 thousand of the county-level city reputation. The main events involving three people: when nearly 10 years in charge of the criminal trial of the Wugang City People’s court vice president Wang Yue, the court of the Executive Board of the original executive (police) Zhu Yifang Wei Deming, the former party secretary of Wugang city. Three, Wang Wei and court colleagues, is a deeply personal friend. At present, the above three per capita has been jailed. In July 12th this year, due to the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on crime, corruption and bribery, Wang Yue was Pingdingshan City Shilong District People’s court sentenced to 11 years imprisonment, fined 300 thousand yuan. Wang Yue appealed against the verdict. Chinese "Newsweek" (WeChat ID:china-newsweek) access to the Pingdingshan intermediate people’s Court on Wang Yue case of second instance criminal verdict shows that the hospital that the original verdict facts are clear, the evidence is reliable and sufficient, accurate conviction, sentencing appropriate legal proceedings. In August 25th, the hospital rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict. By the end of 2013, Wei Deming jailed for 8 and a half years; in April 2013, Zhu Yoshikata was sentenced to life imprisonment. Wang Yue of the criminal ruling shows that Wang Yue and Wei Deming are still another official extortion case, indicating the others to the Luohe city Wuyang county Party Secretary Qin Jianzhong, mayor Liu Guoqin, Luohe’s party secretary Jin Kewen sent a blackmail message. The court held that, in these two cases, Wang, Wei, who sent a threat by sending letters, letters to Beijing petition and other means, Wugang, Wuyang, more than the number of Party and government leaders extortion amount of 4 million 100 thousand yuan. But Chinese "Newsweek" (WeChat ID:china-newsweek) learned in the interview, Wang Yue and Wei Deming on their own behavior is judged to have objection to blackmail and impose exactions on. Strange auction Wang Yue case of second instance criminal verdict shows, Wang Wei, the first involving extortion that happened 8 years ago, the blackmail is the protagonist of the Wugang City Party committee secretary Zhu Yifang. The verdict finds, July 2008, Wugang Municipal Bureau of land and resources on reservoir (2008) No. -51 land transfer listed. The defendant Wang Yue, Wei Deming under the guise of the name of Zhao Lan, from Wei Deming to Han Bin, commissioned by participating in the land auction, Wei Deming offered Han Bin Zhao Lan entrusted to participate in the auction entrustment formalities. In August 8, 2008, Wugang City Land Resources Bureau to suspend the listing of transferring land, and refund the deposit to the bidding parties. Wei Deming to Zhao Lan in the bids in losses on the grounds that the then Wugang party secretary Zhu Yifang to compensate for the losses, often send threat messages to wish. An immediate family member Wei Deming told Chinese "Newsweek" (WeChat ID:china-newsweek), announced at that time, Wugang City Land Bureau, said that any person can participate in the auction, Wei Deming’s aunt Zhao Lan sees the commercial value, intention to bid. However, when Zhao Lan wrote his friend, Han Bin, to participate in the auction, auction相关的主题文章: