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Vacation-Rentals Mongolia is a landlocked country located in north of China neighbouring Russia. It is almost located in centre of Asia and its worlds 19th biggest country. But very little in news for the country of that size, isnt it? World hardly get to hear about whats happening in Mongolia and that is the reason why this country could still preserve its natural beauty as it remains still unexplored by the western world. One can still see crystal clear lakes and rivers, cobalt blue skies, wide open spaces and traditional hospitality of nomads in Mongolia. Mongolia has a lot to offer for foreign tourists. One of activities most frequented by foreign tourist in Mongolia is Genghis Khans Horse Trekking tour. Genghis Khan was a 13th century nomad who conquered vast lands in Asia on a horse back. This tour is an attempt to take you back to history and give you experience of how things were worked on a horse back for days and months. Riding on the horse back you will also witness the some of the places of historical importance in Mongolia and will have a chance to experience the local culture and warmth. If ride on a Horse back was not that exciting you also have option of riding a camel and exploring the vast Gobi desert. A camel ride can be more .forting than a horse ride as they walk slowly .pared to horses. Another peculiar thing of camels here is that they have two humps, so you can be .fortably be placed between these two and explore the beauty from sitting up there. The best to visit Gobi desert is between months of June till September. The fun doesnt stop here, 4W off road tours are also available for those would find themselves more .fortable sitting on a mechanical beast. Group size of these tours is between 4 to 12 people and the tour would last around 15 days. During these 15 days time you will be able to witness the pristine beauty of the region and have change to visit and stay with nomad families. These tours are more suited for people visiting with families or corporate excursions. Remember before you visit Mongolia you would be required to get a visa from the nearest Mongolian Embassy or a consulate which can only be obtained on a invitation letter sent to your from Mongolia. Experienced Tour operators can help you get this letter and subsequently the Mongolian visa and also plan a tour according to your requirements and guidelines. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: