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Writing-and-Speaking Raised Garden Beds is a great way to save money by growing your own fruits and vegetable(s). You don’t have to have raised garden beds on larger sizes of property. If you enjoy gardening but live in an apartment here are some ways you can still have raised garden beds in your limited space. 1) Your first option is to have raised garden beds within small pots. You can build or buy some shelves to put up on your apartment balcony where you can have small pots, each filled with a different vegetable. Tomatoes and peppers are two vegetables that would grow well in pots. This little shelf that you build can be your "raised garden beds". The benefit of gardening in this way is that you don’t have many weeds to pull or no weeds at all, just water and grow your vegetable gardens. You may have to re-pot a vegetable plant if you have a pot that is too small. In the case that you don’t have a balcony, you can always have a vegetable as an inside plant in the window for example. 2) The second option for gardening your raised garden beds while still living in an apartment is to find a .munity plot of land where you rent a garden plot for your raised garden beds. You can enjoy gardening alongside others who have their vegetable gardens and raised garden beds in the garden plots next to yours. Usually the garden plots will be a small fee and they will water the raised garden beds for you, you just have to do the gardening part–the planting the vegetable plants and wedding and connecting a garden hose to the main water lines. 3) A third option for having your own raised garden beds while still living in an apartment without your own land to plant vegetable(s) is to ask family and/or a friend who owns a house with a yard if you could do some gardening together with them. Raised garden beds take a lot of work in watering and weeding, not to mention the initial investment of buying the vegetable seeds and vegetable seedlings to plant. In the beginning raised garden beds require tilling the earth and setting up gardening rows and planning out where to plant the vegetable plants and fruit plants. Raised garden beds require one to plan and put the garden hoses down. A family member or friend may be excited about having your help in producing better raised garden beds. And usually gardening produces more vegetable harvest than one family can eat so if you share the responsibilities of caring for raised garden beds both families can benefit from the gardening and vegetable harvest. There may be more options than these three for your raised garden beds and gardening ideas. Think about the type of gardening you want to do and the type of vegetable plants you want to plant. The sizes of the plants will help you know the sizes of gardening plots you will need. Make a plan for your raised garden beds and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how you will enjoy your own vegetable harvest! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: