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Reference-and-Education Pluto Kids is a play school located in the outer course of Delhi. Basically the area is known as Vaishali and the locality is prominent in the city of Ghaziabad that lies in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The school offers the pre nursery education to the tiny tots following the English medium of instruction. The school is co-educational and looks after the edifying needs of the little ones, developing them into the better and endowed citizens of tomorrow. The Pluto Kids Play School was the vision of its founder Director Mr. Dharmesh Panday. The school is known to be a kids garden where toddlers are like roses who spread their fragrance all around and refreshes the ambience. Pluto Kids emerged as a leading preparatory school of the area, Vaishali, for it is known for its care that it provides to every single child with an individual attention. The school provides best infrastructure, favorable environment and dedicated faculty in order to help the child realize their full potential. Under the guidance and support of experienced, knowledgeable staff, the school directs the kids towards the right way. They offers a range of programs and activities, including brain expansion activities, like clay modeling, coloring, dancing, aerobics etc. The school offers a friendly and loving atmosphere to the toddlers to make them feel like at home. The main aim of the school is to equip the little minds so that they might blossom into the confident leaders in their own way. They provide a real platform to learn and imbibe various values and virtues that are essential for the child to grow into an integrated human being that has all the potential of changing the world in their own unique way. Children in Pluto Kids are not just the fast learners but also good at intellectual capacity. Students here participate in numerous of competitions during their classes. These competitions include rhyme recitation, painting and dance competition, birthday celebration and the celebration of various festivals. Pluto Kids believes that in the early childhood days of the child no lesson is more important for them to learn than to enjoy learning. Therefore, instead of letting the kids learn just for the sake of learning, the school helps them in enjoying that learning so that it may lasts for the life time. Pluto Kids blossoms the personality of child and convert most of their formative years into the ideal learning period. The school aims at providing knowledge by providing the children with a joyful and a stress free milieu for their learning. There purpose is to prepare every child for the social environment and give them a basic understanding of the simple concepts. This gives them an opportunity to interact with each other. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: