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E-Books Use a Reliable eBook Conversion Service to Reach Digital Readers Faster The digital market continues to grow exponentially, bringing lucrative opportunities for writers, publishers and conversion experts. Recent studies have shown that readers purchased six million eBooks in 2010, double the number purchased in 2009, and the sales figure is expected to continue to rise. All advanced ebook device users need content, and device manufacturers and ebook publishers alike are struggling to convert titles into popular formats like Kindle and ePub and other formats to be compatible with the wide range of available reading devices and smart phones. With its well-equipped digitization and ebook conversion service facilities, Primedia eLaunch has been helping a large number of authors, businesses and associated publishers increase their presence in the digital marketplace as a reliable conversion and publishing partner. Being a leading ebook conversion service provider, Primedia eLaunch has a team of conversion specialists who can deliver a desirable product in a short time. They make the most of new sales opportunities available in the eBook market by implementing a proven strategy for converting and publishing front-list and back-list titles. Primedias past work includes a wide range of publishing needs including individual publishers, contract publishers, fulfillment houses, self-publishing writers, and vanity publishers. The team is dedicated to extending the brand presence of publishers and authors faster with quality print and electronic content. From maintaining consistency throughout the ebook conversion and revision process to following up with publication and marketing, Primedia eLaunch can help you every step of the way. eBook Conversion Service Offerings: Ebook Formatting and Conversion: Primedia eLaunch is a leading expert in the process of converting text or content to all of the major eBook formats PRC, MOBI, ePub, AZW, and more. The resulting product can be used on popular eReaders like the Apple iPhone and iPad, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook, and many more. Team members are always available to help customers in real-time use of the latest industry standards and are constantly refining their conversion procedures. You will receive a quality, fast, cost-effective eBook. Enhanced Quality eBooks: Since more and more publishers and authors want to generate content specifically for consumption in the digital world, enhanced quality eBooks are in great demand these days. Primedia eLaunchs specialization in ebook conversion services extends to quality-enhanced eBooks, with options for text searches and rich multimedia features including video, audio, and interactive web links. Appealing Layout Design: Almost all future books will be published in an ebook format like Kindle, Mobipocket and ePub. It behooves authors and publishers to have the new format maintain the desired layout, perhaps even improving upon the previous publication format. All of your projects will certainly be successful as Primedia eLaunchs experience in ebook conversion and digitization ensures you the best quality output at a reasonable price. They can easily handle your conversion project quickly, providing a high-quality product for prices lower than industry averages. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: