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Customer Service Shipping to other countries is done through professional cargo and freight moving .pany and for which purpose you need to have .plete knowledge of the services offered by the .pany. The most significant point which you have to consider when shipping to Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or Nigeria, or any international; port city is customs policies and shipping documentation. If you hire the services of cargo and freight shipping .pany make sure that you have done lot of homework in advance as this will save you from the last minute hassles. Lets look into thumbnail details of Shipping to Iraq, Shipping to Saudi Arabia, and Shipping to Nigeria. Shipping to Iraq When you are shipping to Iraq, it is very necessary that international shipping .pany should be aware of the disturbed political conditions. Further, the .pany should have detailed knowledge on the type of cargo and freight which can be transferred to Basra international port. It is very important for the cargo and freight moving .pany to address to the concerns of security which in this case will be the NATO security forces. The international port in Iraq is guarded by special security forces and for which purpose all the security concerns are seriously taken into consideration. Do not be in a hurry to transfer your household goods or any other .mercial cargo to Iraq before reading through the terms and conditions given in the port. It is very important that you check on theses essential factors so that smooth and safe shipping to Iraq can be undertaken by the cargo and freight shipping .pany. Shipping to Saudi Arabia If you are planning for Shipping to Saudi Arabia, again you cannot ignore the documentation and customs requirements. It is very important that the cargo and freight shipping .pany that you have chosen should be aware on the matter of international shipping documentation as this will help you to move the household goods or .mercial cargo safely. In addition, you need to show to the Saudi customs authority residence permit and work permit, and employment proof by Saudi Chamber of .merce or a Saudi Government Agency. You also have to show certificate of insurance, as well as SASO Certificate of Conformity for all electrical items which are intended for import to Saudi Arabia. .plete documentation for the surface shipments should be received at the destination international port at least 7 days earlier from the time of arrival of the vessel. The cargo and freight shipping .pany which you have chosen should be aware and also have in depth knowledge of .plete shipping protocols that are followed by federal Shipping to Saudi Arabia government, the .pany should also have fair idea on what type of goods can be imported and what type of goods cannot be imported. Shipping to Nigeria When shipping to Nigeria, it is very important that the cargo and freight shipping .pany should be aware of the .plexities and red tapism involved. Experienced cargo and Freight .pany will always be ready to help you and offer smooth shipping of household goods or .mercial cargo. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: