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News-and-Society In an interview with Quintina Strange we questioned her about the Desist and Refrain order issued from the Department of Corporations. This was her response: "When I received the order I was surprised because I had shut the doors to my company more than a year and a half ago. When I called the Department of Corporations I was told that they respond to complaints and issues in retro! At the time of business I had a Licensed Broker on the Board, and all the other content was incorrect as well. When I asked about where they received this incorrect information I really wasn’t given a clear answer. But none the less the information is very incorrect. Theres a lot of people who are talking about what they read. I laugh at them because Ignorance is bliss for those who run their mouths without knowledge of what they’re talking about." A few days later she supplied a letter that was given to the California Department of Corporations in response to the order. Read her response below: June 7, 2011 VIA U. S. CERTIFIED MAIL: Department of Corporations California Corporations Commissions 320 West 4th Street, Suite 750 Los Angeles, California 90013-2344 ATTN: BLAINE A. NOBLET CORPORATE COUNSEL Dear Mr. Noblet: I am in receipt of the Desist and Refrain Order issued to Vista Financial Investments, Inc. ("Vista Financial") and Quintina Strange dated May 25, 2011. Please do not mistake this correspondence as a request for a hearing, but it is only to commemorate our conversation on or around June 3, 2011, to correct the many discrepancies and misrepresentations that have been relayed to you in regards to Vista Financial and me. Please be advised as of January 2010 Vista Financial Investments, Inc. and Quintina Strange halted any and all business transactions in connection thereto. Vista Financial did not intentionally target any ethnic group or groups specifically and certainly did not have fifty-three (53) or more clients at any given time. Coincidently, the majority of the clientele that contracted for the services of the company were Hispanic. Vista Financial’s sole and only purpose was to assist these individuals with becoming entrepreneurs in that they would start their own corporations to be self sufficient and create jobs within their community. The clientele was expressly informed; and, they gave an unequivocal indication of assented, as to their understanding of how the fees and costs paid to Vista Financial were to be allocated, such as: Research and Strategies for Positioning of Project on Capital Market company analysis, marketers focus on understanding the company’s cost structure and cost position relative to competitors, as well as working to identify a firm’s core competencies and other competitively distinct with strategic planning; Project Development initiating, planning, organizing, securing and managing resources, core structure development with strategic planning; Development and Preparation of Investor Compliance Package Developing all business plans including 3 to 5 year projections, Product and Service Research Reports (300 pages), and all other requirements required by each individual entity; and Business Coaching and Business Development Coaching. Due to the detrimental down turn in the economy many of the investors associated with Vista Financial ceased looking for new projects in which to spearhead. As a result, Vista Financial was forced to stop all operation on or about January 2010. The company is presently working with a extremely reputable third party company and mediation service to refund any and all paid deposits to clients "as agreed" payment arrangement. All in all, Vista Financials sole and only purpose for remaining is to facilitate refunds to all contracted parties. If you have any further questions in the interim, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Quintina Strange After doing research on what a Desist and Refrain order is we have found that these orders are issued without real just cause. One phone call from anyone saying anything can cause the order to be issued. We visited numerous Attorneys who handle these types of issues. They all pretty much say the same thing. "They read like the respondent is the worst criminal, the most fraudulent offeror of securities that ever walked the face of this earth. Many times the Department of Corporations will issue a Desist and Refrain Order alleging general solicitation when it only has evidence of one telephone call to an alleged unqualified investor. What we have found, in our opinion, is that the Department of Corporations gets a little over-zealous in what it considers material. Some incidents may have been disclosed in the offering materials, but the Department of Corporations believes more should have been disclosed. Some incidents may be 10 years old or more. The question, of course, is whether a reasonable investor would view the alleged misrepresentation as having significantly altered his opinion. Would he or she have cared? And how do we know what a "reasonable investor" thinks is material?" Based on our research and due diligence Quintina is in the clear and has nothing to worry about amid the details surrounding the order. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: