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News-and-Society In the Civil Law System, where the source of law are the statutes created by the administrative bodies or the legislature, the role of a Civil Lawyer becomes very crucial. Civil Cases involve fluid trials and series of hearings, a process that may drag for years, often breeding frustration among the parties engaged. Consequently, a very sound knowledge regarding the existing laws, legal tactics and the wisdom to apply them in the interest of the client are primary traits that are required in a Civil Lawyer. Representation Of The Client: A Civil Lawyer is a member of legal profession and represents the client in the court of law. Legal matters and proceedings have their own intricacies and technicalities, an understanding of which might not be very easy for a common litigant. At the same time, conveying the issue under jurisdiction in a manner that there is no ambiguity requires a skilled professional and the Civil Lawyer serves the same purpose. Advisor To The Client: Often in disputes of Succession and Wills, clients are not aware of their legal rights and obligations. A Civil Lawyers role is to inform his/her clients about their legal rights along with an explanation of their practical implications. A Negotiator: There may be cases, where continuing legal proceedings against one another may not benefit any of the parties involved and the only result being incurring undue expenses. In that case, a Civil Lawyer can as a negotiator between the parties while at the same time preserving the interest of his/her client. Many a times, this is a smart and judicial way of resolving conflicts that have been dragging in court for long. Apart from these duties to client, a Civil Lawyer has certain duties to court as well. Those duties are beyond the scope of the topic being discussed here however they still have real significance. Anurag Tomar & Associates, one of the most reputed Law Firms in Delhi, offers Reliable Legal Advice, Legal Help & Legal Services in various fields of law. The firm has a team of dedicated, competent, highly qualified and experienced Advocates; some of them have practiced in Delhi High Court and have illustrious careers. The firm offers Legal Services in the fields of Litigation Laws, Capital Market Law, Civil Lawyers In Delhi , Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Service and Labor Law, Arbitration Law, Agency and Franchise Law, Wills and succession Law, Consumer Law, Intellectual Property Law, Divorce Law, Property Law, Commercial Laws, Corporate Law, Drafting and Vetting of Agreements, Family Law, and many more. For more information regarding the firm and to avail its services, you can log on to About the Author: 相关的主题文章: