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Software Hiring a virtual assistant is only the first step in getting your business up and running. You should also make sure that the VA youve hired is actually doing his or her job and that you are paying them for the exact number of hours they really are spending on the work youve delegated for them. But this can be a challenge if you do not use some sort of virtual assistant time tracking software. This type of software can help you get more accurate reports and a better idea of what your VAs are working on and how much time they really are spending on work. There are a lot of these software and applications that you can purchase. Ask each of your workers to install the devise on their PCs and you will then be ready to get your results. Most of the software are designed to track the exact amount of time that each of your workers are using, down to the very last minute. They are designed to run when the users PC is active and record the amount of time that it is active and stop as the user is idle, also recording the amount of time that the person is idle. Talk about accuracy, you can even see how much break time each worker has had and for how long. You can also choose time tracking applications that not only tell the specific amount of time being used but also what it is exactly the user is working on. This will help you see if the worker is in fact actually doing his job or just wasting it on social .working or just playing browser games. The application also helps the user prioritize tasks and can also track how much time they have spent on each task. You can also set up the software to identify high priority tasks and low priority ones and label them as such for the virtual assistants to work on. You can even set it up to block unrelated sites or restrict the sites your workers can visit. Finally, there are virtual assistant time tracking devices that can give you daily and weekly reports, these reports are often detailed, down to the very last minute with every website visited and how much time is spent on each, as well as on every task. You can choose to have the reports emailed to you and confirm them with your workers own daily reports. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: