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Customer Service Have you ever noticed how children seem to fall ill at night more than during the day? It seems as though they seem to know that it will be a lot more hassle for the parents and so they wait till the evening before deciding to throw up, get a fever or something even worse! This is where you will end up for a chemist, Bradford, or a chemist Leeds or a chemist anywhere which will be open late. As a parent, you will know that the first priority in your life will be the health and wellbeing of your child and this is why you will see bleary-eyed mums and dads roaming the aisles and haunting the counter at a late night chemist in Bradford. I was recently in a similar position where I found myself standing in a chemist in Leeds at two in the morning because we had managed to spill the last bottle of gripe mixture and the baby was suffering from wind. Trust me, it is no fun to carry a crying baby around any kind of a shop at any time of the day or night, but this type of situation can be really stressful. The two things which made the whole thing run smoother was the fact that the internet can very quickly provide you the details of the nearest available chemist in Leeds, as well as the quickest route and the opening times. The second thing which was really useful was that the chemist himself was a friendly type and understanding as he came over to assist and provide the correct advice and how to .fort the child. These days, a chemist, Bradford or elsewhere, is so much more than just a place where you can get your prescription filled. As far as products go, there are now so many things which can be bought in a chemist that you could not do so many years ago. When we were growing up, I remember that a visit to the chemist meant the most exciting thing we would see would be the rack of hair clips and shelves of things which we didnt understand. The smell was also something which I still remember; musty and heavy. A friend of mine had to go to a chemist in Bradford last week with children and was telling me about the way that someone had thought to make a little corner of the shop attractive to young children. They had put in a small table and a few chairs as well as a box of toys, which would certainly help the time to pass faster. On the table there were colouring books and reading books as well as pencils and crayons for the children to play with. Something like this really shows that the owner understands how boring it is for children to wait around patiently and quietly while waiting for their parents to .plete their order, their prescription, their shopping or their consultation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: