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Shanghai police detailed "purchase credit deal" rumor incident – China News Agency, Beijing in September 9 Shanghai Xinhua (Li Shuzhi) recently, the September Shanghai city will implement the purchase of credit deal rumors circulating on the network, has aroused widespread concern. Shanghai police 9 days to disclose "Shanghai purchase credit deal rumors of the incident. In August 22nd 11, the sales manager of the Shanghai Jinfeng enjoysmart Real Estate Consultants Ltd. Shen Moumou (female, 34 years old) in order to complete their own responsible for the Pudong New Area real estate sales task, using the real estate transaction fears credit policy to further tighten the psychological, deliberately fabricated rumors said: "it has received a notice, due to the recent land auction price is too high, the municipal Party committee the Department will convene the meeting next week, plans in September to adjust the bank loan policy, do not, not the trial finished the loan contract, please press apply as soon as possible, the tightening of credit policy great efforts". Then Shen Moumou employees in the company’s WeChat Communications Group released 3 times in a row, requiring its subordinates of the sales staff will be informed of the news more than 100 customers in order to speed up the progress of the contract. This rumor spread through sales and customers, quickly spread to the well-known forum in Shanghai fence network, causing more widespread concern. "I love my family" real estate brokerage firm manager Zhao (male, 27 years old) saw the first rumor. In August 24th, the same is to improve the real estate sales, Zhao ordered the Yangpu Park store real estate sales Zhang Moumou (male, 25 years old) to deliberately fabricated rumors: "emergency notification: September 1st Shanghai headquarters received notice, the implementation of the new restriction policy. Housing recognize loan, where there are Chinese loan records first fangshoufu will be increased to 5, two suites will be increased to 7, regardless of local field, regardless of commercial housing, whether or not to pay off the loan to pay off, as long as there are even Chinese loan records. To sign the time, before September 1st to buy a house is not affected by the policy. There is a demand for customers, please tell each other, limited time". Subsequently, Zhang, together with Yangpu Park store manager Yu Moumou (male, 27 years old) spread rumors. August 25th, the Pacific Housing agency employees Cai Moumou (male, 28 years old) through the circle of friends in the industry to learn the contents of the above rumors, Sina’s micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends to be forwarded rumors spread further. A Shanghai IT company clerk Ni Moumou (male, 42 years old) found the two rumors in the online heat transfer, think they have a property to sell, the price increase to their advantage. So, in order to attract him, causing more attention. On August 24th, deliberately fabricated rumors said: "September the latest purchase policy: one is the name no room no record of loan buyers, the minimum down payment of 30%, funds rate concessions; two is the name no room but had a mortgage loan history, the minimum down payment of 50%, the lowest interest rate is three to 1.1 times; the name of a suite again (for the household buyers), down 7, the interest rate up to 1.1 times (no change in policy; four) is divorce less than one year of purchase, the purchase and loan policy in accordance with the family before the divorce process", and in Shanghai famous forum "fence net".)相关的主题文章: