Six departments jointly regulate the illegal sale of bank card information wetnwild

Six departments jointly remediation of illegal sale of bank card information, the original title: six departments of illegal sale of bank card information: do not believe any central bank for bank card password and mobile phone verification code of conduct in the future, the sale of illegal bank card information or behavior will be curbed. Yesterday, the central bank and the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, State Administration for Industry and commerce, China Banking Regulatory Commission, the state Internet information office five departments issued "on the joint remediation of illegal trading bank card information special action notice", since the decision from September 2016 to April 2017 to launch a nationwide joint remediation special action illegal sale of bank card information. Four channels may disclose the bank card information, the central bank said that at present, criminals illegally steal bank card information there are four main ways. 1 criminals may steal bank card information by means of telecommunications network. Criminals may set up a free WiFi trap to lure victims access to steal the victim on the phone and the computer used in the bank card information. Or spread the hidden Trojan pictures, links or malicious applications (APP), control the victim’s mobile phone or computer, steal mobile phones and computers used in bank card information. There may be posing as friends, public security, communications operators, banks and merchants to send SMS fraud, to borrow money, the tax rebate, and winning, redeem, refund and other grounds, lured the victim to click SMS fraud link login phishing site, enter the bank card information. 2 steal bank card information by attacking related system. This includes not only the recruitment website, email server, hospital school internet service system, will be a large amount of data collision, after sorting out the cross bank card information; also includes non bank payment institutions (hereinafter referred to as payment institutions) and e-commerce platform business system, direct theft system retained bank card information; and Airlines, attack the e-commerce platform system, steal the victim transaction information, refund, refund and other grounds to lure victims to provide bank card information. 3 criminals may also be modified through the bank card POS machines, installation of circuit board and general packet radio service (GPRS) transmitter module, the victim pay credit card skimming bank card track information. 4 collusion, through electronic business platform, business organizations, medical institutions, educational institutions, housing intermediary institutions and individual banking financial institutions (hereinafter referred to as the bank), paid staff, the internal mechanism of outsourcing unit staff to obtain bank card information. Ideas on how to protect the security of bank card at the same time, the central bank spokesman is also given to protect their bank card information security recommendations. Take good care of the cardholder ID cards, bank cards, online banking U shield, mobile phone, but also to open a bank account changes in SMS alert, carefully check the transaction type, transaction business and the amount is correct, pay attention to account for changes in the capital account transaction details, check and balance. Don’t throw away the bank card or ATM equipment transaction receipt free. "Don’t believe everything for the bank card password and mobile phone verification code, not to the silver prop相关的主题文章: