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News-and-Society "A big challenge." This is how Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper describes the recent labour shortage in the North American country. According to Harper, Canada"s future economic growth is hampered and loomed by the lack of high-skilled, qualified, and trained employees. In fact, In Alberta alone, job vacancies in September, 2012 were at 61,200, up from 45,900 exactly a year ago (Statistics Canada, 2012). As the country"s businesses are plagued by insufficient skilled staff, the Canadian government and employers are, likewise, struggling to fill in various vacant positions in the country. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), for instance, has announced their plan to admit a total of 240,000 to 265,000 new permanent residents this 2013. Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney asserts this as a significant move, especially that immigrants are believed to satisfy and match the necessary skills and talents required by many job opportunities. Because labour shortage is an emerging and widespread issue in Canada"s job market, both the industry and the government are currently working hand-in-hand in developing a balanced immigration plan and a long-term economic solution. In addition to these, many staffing agencies in Calgary and other provinces also play a major role in .bating the Maple country"s skilled workforce insufficiency. They not only assist organizations and businesses in hiring .petent temporary and permanent employees, but they also help bring the right job candidates and the right .panies together. Among the many benefits that both the business and the applicant receive from their services are listed below: Benefits to the .pany Melting Pot of Choices. With a considerable number of pre-qualified candidates to choose from, .panies will be given the opportunity to get the best suited candidate for the job position available. This also lessens the amount of time and resources that can be spent by the .pany in the recruitment process. Expertise. The hiring process may cost .panies tremendous effort and money, especially if they hire the wrong person for the position. However, through a staffing firm, the candidates" skills set, work experiences, and personal qualifications can be pre-screened, pre-qualified, and matched with the specific needs of the .pany. As a result, organizations can be guaranteed of the most capable and ideal candidate for the position. Cost and Time Saver. While extensive background checking and pre-employment interviews may be time-consuming, employers can save their finances and time through the practical handling of various staffing .panies. The shortlist of outstanding job applicants provided by the agencies will be evaluated taking into consideration their suitability to the available job post. Benefits to the Job Applicant Reduced Time and Effort. The wide varieties of employment options and definite job resources available not only improve the chances of successful job hunting but also reduces the time and effort wasted by an applicant in submitting unnecessary applications. A Network of Opportunities. As most search firms have access and contacts to different .panies, they can provide a wide range of job opportunities that match the applicants" personal situation and qualifications. Calgary, Alberta""the fifth largest metropolitan area in Canada""has been among the provinces that are experiencing the most crucial labour inadequacy in the country. A report revealed that there will be 114,000 more jobs than people to fill them in the .ing years (CBC News). As this is the case, a great number of staffing agencies in Calgary are now helping provide the above mentioned benefits not only to unemployed residents of Alberta, but as well as to immigrants who are aspiring to live and work in the Maple country. Illuminate Canada, besides providing professional, personalized, and economical immigration assistance, also offers expert, fast, meticulous, and cost-effective staffing solutions for in-need Canadian .panies. It is dedicated to fill in the numerous job posts and bring in the most capable and .petent employees to every business in Calgary and in other parts of Canada. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: