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Sports-and-Recreation After a long hard winter .es warm weather and Spring Turkey Hunting. Regardless if you are new to Turkey hunting or a seasoned hunter you know their are certain strategies that must be implemented to be successful. Knowing the area you are hunting will definitely be in your favor. Most Turkey hunters try to get in place and have decoys set up before sun up while the Turkeys are still on roost. Turkeys are active and seeking .panionship directly upon waking and will gobble profusely making it easier for you to locate them. Once you locate a gobbler you need to make a guess on which way you think they will go once they fly down from roost then get set up about 100 – 200 yards from them. It is important to be very quiet and low key doing this. If they see or hear you they will fly away from you. Finally, don’t be overly aggressive in your calling; that will tip off the turkey that something is up.When you stick around for the mid-morning hunt, there are several challenges. First, for a few hours directly after daybreak, turkey gobbling may be nonexistent, even in areas with an active population. That is because the toms have hit their mark and the turkeys are busy with .panionship. However, if you’re patient, the hens will quickly go back to feeding or laying eggs, leaving a restless group of gobblers at your mercy for spring turkey hunting. You can be much more aggressive with your calling at this time of day, as the gobblers will run to almost anything that offers promise. Also, most hunters stick to an early morning schedule, meaning you have the hunt almost entirely to yourself. Hunting in the late afternoon and evening can be even more challenging, however, not all states allow hunting past noon. During this time of the day Turkeys are not very vocal and much harder to find. One final strategy a number of Turkey hunters use is to locate your turkey the night before you plan to hunt. Listen for turkey after they have flown into the trees. The next morning you know exactly where to go and how to set up. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: