Sudden death of male physical education students to discuss with the board of education officials al tataufo

Boys sports class families and the Education Bureau to discuss death death officials also original title: the family and Education Bureau to discuss the incidence of 45 year old female deputy director of the families of the dead and the Department of education to discuss the incidence of 45 year old female deputy director Wu Hua Daily News (reporter Chen Sicun) two days, Yanliang district education system covered in sorrow. In late November 14th 8, informed sources told the China Daily reporter broke the news that November 3rd, sudden death, cardiac PE class is a 14 year old high school student second west a few days later, Yanliang District Education Bureau a female deputy director at the school and the students’ parents to discuss the handling of the issue, died of myocardial infarction. Insider: two people died in accidents regrettable yesterday at 9 in the morning, the China Daily reporter came to the West in the vicinity of the second middle school, several shops, the owner of a few days ago happened description and broke people reflect the same. I feel very uncomfortable, after all, just a few days time two people were killed, people regret!" Insider said. The reporter went to the West Second Middle School interview, the school gate security personnel telephone said that the school leadership is not in, are outside the meeting. 11 in the morning, Yanliang District Education Bureau publicity column, China Daily reporter saw that people call female deputy director Zhang, the school is responsible for planning and construction, financial management, education, family planning work. Informed sources, Zhang was born in 1971, only 45 years old this year. The Education Bureau deputy director was identified on duty in the office of Yanliang District Education Bureau official said, in November 3rd second classes in the afternoon, second west school third grade class is a physical course before the warm-up exercise, on the first lap after jogging, 14 year old students celebrate a feeling of discomfort to stop, the PE teacher asked, he some say his feet burned to run, then the teacher let him rest. The other students finish the three laps remaining ready to carry out physical education, while standing he suddenly fell to the ground, teacher ran to see and let other students inform the doctor, then sent to 200 meters outside the Yanliang District People’s Hospital, but the children still died, doctors initially diagnosed as sudden cardiac death. The night of the incident, at the request of the family, he was returned to his hometown in Lintong. November 8th morning 9 am, a greeting in the family’s request, Yanliang District Education Bureau deputy director Zhang led the relevant departments responsible person, to West Second Middle School, and he a father to discuss the treatment of myocardial infarction, sudden death. At present, the higher authorities have found that Zhang is on duty. Family members of students: want to look at the monitoring experience kicked the ball last night at 6, the China Daily reporter found the death of his father. He said, he who is disabled at home, the child died, his spirit of near collapse, they now feel very helpless. The child’s things have been very sad, and now deputy director of the Bureau of education also died, how things will be like this? He said the family has been working with the school and the education bureau. After the burial of the children, they want to see the surveillance video when the incident, but the school and the Bureau of education each other to kick the ball. Yanliang District Bureau of Education Office of the person in charge Peng相关的主题文章: