Summer camp into a new field of education in China the rich learn to ride the middle class

Summer camp into a new battlefield Chinese Education: the rich middle school equestrian busy tutorial Reference News Network September 16th U.S. media reported that with the increase of income, as well as academic competition, summer became the forefront of education Chinese the arms race. According to the U.S. "Washington Post" reported on September 8th, July in a foggy morning, a small figure on a stepladder, wriggled up a head named Wendy white pony above. A red cheeked child said his name in English: "my name is Harry, 8 years old this year." Harry with both hands hold the reins, urged Wendy to trot. Later, in a few from Argentina professional help, he practiced more difficult single hand in habenular horse, like a little knight. By the end of the summer, the Tianjin polo club a small rider and his buddies after returning to school, if asked to do in the summer what topic, presumably there will be a lot to be said about their part time by the summer to improve his riding, familiar with Polo etiquette. Parents are eager to see how they spend ten thousand yuan a week after the capture of the children’s activities by the two full-time photographers. Reported that, not long ago, most Chinese children during the summer vacation, or to play outside, or to help parents work. With the increase in income, as well as academic competition intensified, the summer has become the forefront of China’s educational arms race. Reported that over the past few decades, China’s economic transformation, making the rich unprecedented, but the gap between rich and poor is also growing. A recent Peking University study estimates that China’s richest 1% people control about 1/3 of China’s wealth. The poorest 25% accounted for only about 1% of the wealth. For those of you who practice Harry, this means that summer is the time to improve your skills. These skills for days after they go to Oxford, Cambridge or the Ivy League school will help. For the majority of the middle class, they pay more attention to cram schools than the summer camp. Even Chinese families who are living in straitened circumstances can not afford to be under pressure to use their savings to cram schools for their children. In the market, all this means only one thing: money. "The industry is booming," said Luo Moming, assistant vice president of New Oriental Education and technology group, a listed company on the New York stock exchange." When I was a kid, camp was a very abstract concept. He was born in 1975 and ran around the streets of Wuhan in the summer. The situation changed quickly. After China’s economic liberalization, hundreds of millions of people into the ranks of the middle class. Reported that, due to the one-child policy, those born in 80s, after 00 and in 90s, most of the children have no brothers and sisters. Parents are willing to devote their time and energy to send "Little Emperors" to English class and math camp. The recent trend has been further strengthened. Compared to the past, the China family generally more rich, healthy and more highly educated, but with China the slowdown in economic growth, they began to worry that their children will be at a disadvantage in the competition. Results show that in the past this money)相关的主题文章: