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Entrepreneurialism As a teenager, I used to dream about starting a business that will give me everything and allow me to do everything. Yeah right! What a dream. I soon learned that there was no such business available anyway. In my second year in the University, working with a close friend, we wanted to open a restaurant. We planned, secured funding, found the perfect location but the bureaucracy of the University authority put paid to this idea. We did not know powerful people to push our agenda. I then went through my University days thinking about these ideas but never did anything about them. Now, after over ten years as a professional, I still harbor an amended dream from my teen years. Is there anything to my dream? Lets see, the basics of my amended best business in the world; 1.Easy to Learn and Start One of the most difficult things in starting a business in the Start. The planning, setting up everything that the business need to function. The deciding the products / services, sourcing inventory, getting the right location for the business, advertising, getting customers, dispatching the goods, customer service and on. Wow, so many things to consider. So the best business in the world should be relatively easier than this .plex and .plicated planning and implementation, right? So it is. 2.Skills Every business people need some skills to be able to manage their businesses. However the best business in the world should require basic skills that everyone can learn otherwise it wont be the best business in the world. It should have the tool for self-training to acquire more skills after the start. And my best business in the world has that. Amazing! Find Out 3.Prerequisites The best business in the world must do a lot better that traditional jobs and businesses. No discrimination of any kind, right? Well, my best business in the world requires minimum prerequisite. With no prior business building skills needed, no education requirements. It truly does not discriminate on any basis; religion, sex, orientation, race, disability, nothing. 4.Convenience The best business in the world is a business you can start on a part time basis while you hold a more permanent job. You can build your business from home, at any time, not time bound. You can engage yourself for a few hours a day, after your job. You may be able to build a global business in a short space of time. 5.In.e Potential Well, well, well. I kept the best for last. The best business in the world has massive in.e potentials including passive in.e. How much can you get, you ask? That depends on you, your drive, how much time you dedicate to your business. I have found my dream business from my teen years, and it has the potential to be better and bigger than I thought possible. It took me a long time to find it, but it here now. That is the most important, it here. Download my Free eReport HERE to open your mind to the amazing world of business in the 21st century. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: