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Automobiles One of the great things about Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is that Dr. Ignatius Piazza and his team of highly professional gun training instructors actually give you REAL LIFE GUN TRAINING. This means they do not just teach you how to shoot some bullets through a paper target. They teach you how to use a gun in real life threatening situations, like robberies, brutal attacks and home invasions. Through lectures, demonstrations and hands on training based on real life scenario based gun training sessions, Front Sight offers the most effective and most fun gun training available to the world today. When I attended my first self defense gun training course at Front Sight, I got to participate in a home invasion scenario. As I mentioned in an earlier post, yes, I got to shoot bad guys and save good guys. The lecture that opened this phase of my gun training had to do with the proper way to walk through doors. When the gun training instructor first opened his lecture, I was thinking, Really? They are going to teach us how to walk through a door? But after hearing the lecture it all started to make sense. And then we got to practice. Basically, Front Sight will teach that the way you open a door and walk through it can keep you safe or put you at an open risk to get shot. Which of the two options sounds better to you? That is probably not a difficult decision to make. Ignatius Piazza was extremely thorough when putting together each part of his gun training program, and this part was no exception. So, Front Sight’s gun training instructors will teach you where to stand when opening a door, how to open it, how to clear the room to make sure you are walking into safe territory and at what angle to walk through the doorway. All of this is utilized when experiencing the home invasion scenario. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training instructors set the scene for you. In my scenario, my gun training instructor explained that I was coming home for a dinner party and could hear screams inside the house. We didn’t know how many bad guys there were, but one of them had my sister. My job was to go in, kill the bad guys and save my sister. I was thinking, Great. I’m probably going to end up shooting the wrong person. My Front Sight instructor calmed me down a bit and we were off. I opened the door and immediately had to kill a bad guy. The speed of it all really put things into perspective. This was a lot different than shooting stationary targets. Here, we didn’t know when there would be a bad guy AND we had to decide whether it was a bad guy or a good guy before we shot. It all happens fast! I started to clear the room and saw a guy with a grenade at the other end of the house. I backed up behind the wall and asked my gun training instructor, When I am peeking around to aim at him, at what point can he see me? My Front Sight instructor responded that with the way that I was standing, he could see my foot. I was going to have to shoot NOW with no time to aim. I jumped into the hallway and… BAM! BAM! I fired my two shots to the thoracic cavity. Did I hit him? We will find out later, in The Chronicles of Front Sight: My Experience, Part Five! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: