The moto Z evaluation once the Razr blade back (video)

The Moto Z evaluation: once the Razr blade back Tencent digital news (Wang Yang) in June 9th this year, Lenovo launched Moto Z at the Tech World conference. After a lapse of three months, the modular phone was finally brought to the domestic. Remember the Moto in 2004 launched a clamshell mobile phone V3 has become fashionable for a time, then the "thin" word began throughout Moto high-end mobile phone product line. Until 2011, Moto brought 7.1mm Droid Razr body thickness of the blade, so that Moto fans crazy again. Once the Moto mobile phone in the hardware performance is not dominant, but rely on ultra-thin design, even the long life of Kevlar material also won a lot of market acceptance. Now merged into Lenovo’s Motorola began to try to customize the transformation, has issued a national bank Moto X, Moto X Pro, Moto G and successor Moto X Style, Moto X. In Moto Z, we once again saw Lenovo and Moto to change the determination, in addition to return to slim, and the modular design of the throw the helve after the hatchet. Moto Z and Moto Mods to use video, NeochaEDGE evaluation room return to "thin", this is the first time I saw 5.19mm Moto Z, I believe many people like me and exclaimed: "this mobile phone unable to restrain the emotions well thin ah". Moto Z ultra-thin design brings a strong sense of visual impact. Black gold version of the Moto Z and delicate design, made of military aviation Aluminum Alloy and stainless steel body with a layer of nanometer waterproof coating, gives the impression that the integration design is complete. Moto Z thickness of only 5.19 mm, weight of 136 grams. In the same level of large screen phone is considered to be a perfect weight control. Fuselage is equipped with 5.5 inches AMOLED screen, the resolution reached the 2K level, the display is very delicate. Below the screen is a very small square fingerprint module, and iPhone 7 is also a touch type. Due to the addition of the moto trademark, it would appear to be a bit longer, sacrificing symmetry. Prior to the use of this design is rare, such as HTC One M9+ and a plus 3. Fingerprint input process is simple, repeated press 12 times can enter a set of fingerprints. The actual fingerprint recognition speed is very fast, every angle recognition accuracy under ideal, but also put in to unlock the screen, in addition to unlock and press out screen, Moto Z fingerprint module supports Alipay seconds to pay. The back of the Moto Z is a standard three piece design with bright glass on the upper and lower sides. The most prominent part of the fuselage is the 1300W lens, the gold frame looks very texture, auxiliary shooting is a cool dual LED flash. The back of the Moto Z is the main module of the design of grinding magnetic contacts, and the third parts can be extended through the use of the form of adsorption, such as battery module, projection module, speaker module, camera module.相关的主题文章: