The new password Dante special Tom Hanks suffered a virus crisis (video) darren hayes

"The new password" Dante special Tom Hanks suffered a virus crisis "Dante password" doom special Tom & #183; Hanks suffered a virus crisis Tencent entertainment news by Oscar Winning Director Ron · directed by Howard Oscar, starring Hanks winner Tom · Robert · Landon "series of suspense action blockbuster" Inferno "(tentative translation Dante" code ", the same below) issued a" doom "featurette, Director Ron · Howard and the author of the novel, the suspense thriller master Dan · Brown have appeared, not only explains the background of the film, more clues also will be exposed. By the end of the plague caused by dangerous surfaced, for the truth and the outcome of the film left a deeper suspense. It is reported that the film will be released in North America in October 28th. Virus crisis surfaced doomsday movie semiotics triggered at any moment. Professor Robert · Landon woke up in a hospital in Italy after suddenly suffering to kill, female doctor Sean · Brooks to help him escape and tried to get his memory in the process, opened to kill by creating "hell" evil insider in the global spread of plague. Professor Landon must avoid many side group of desperate chase side according to the clues in Dante’s "Divine Comedy", Michelangelo and other masters of art masterpieces find traces. To run a race with time, catch the crack in the spread of plague before turning the earth into a puzzle, stop the villain poet Dante described "hell". The exposure of the special edition of the film will be staged at the end of a more detailed description of the evil atmosphere. With the first episode "the curator of Le Louvre Museum mysterious death", "Dante password" would is the earth nearly half of the population lives. Virus samples, under the microscope the dim cloudy sky, uncontrolled emissions of pollutants, and the result for the eyeball hyperaemia, skin lesions and abnormal picture of terror. In addition to bags and carriers of the plague and police carried out shocking, perish mankind doomsday style. Director Ron · Howard said that: "Professor Landon will face a more difficult problem", which also makes the story more whirling. The end of the world tensions even more intense, looking forward to the introduction of infinite suspense triggered at any moment. Oscar again to burn hot gold combination brain comprehensive upgrade of Dante "password" is a famous American Director Ron · Howard following the "Da Vinci code" and "angels and demons" after the third surgeon adaptation of Dan · Brown’s screen works, Howard and Tom & middot; Hanks the gold partner cooperation fifth. In early 2006, a series of mountains "was · the Finch code" was released in the world viewing frenzy, created the north of $218 million, $757 million in global box office myth, the 2009 release of the sequel "angels and demons" also did well in the first week of opening maddening earned $48 million in the top box office. And now, this pair of Oscar yellow.相关的主题文章: