There are no casualties in the 5.4 earthquake in central Italy

In the middle of Italy occurred 5.4 earthquake no casualties occurred in the middle of the original title: Italy 5.4 earthquake in October 26, Xinhua news agency, Rome (reporter Lorna) 5.4 earthquake occurred in central Italy on the evening of 26. There are no reports of casualties. According to Italy issued by the National Geophysical Research Information and volcano, earthquake occurred in the 26 local time (Beijing time 19:11 on the 27 day at 1:11), the epicenter is located in Macerata, Marche. The capital of Italy Rome felt strongly, the reporter could feel the chandelier shake, shake the windows. Media reports said the earthquake some buildings collapsed, near Perugia, Ancona are affected by the earthquake, but has not yet received reports of casualties. Italy media quoted the National Geophysical and volcanic Research Institute experts as saying that the earthquake may be related to the earthquake occurred in central Italy in August 24th. In August 24th, a magnitude 6 earthquake in Italy in central Lazio province of Rieti, the earthquake caused 297 deaths. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: