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Health Lets face it gout and diet go together. They are inseparable because of the roles they play. Going on a diet can spell a big difference among people who have gout problems wherein gout sufferers rely on their diet plan to treat their condition. Atkins diet is a weight loss program that capitalizes on low intakes of carbohydrates. Instead, it requires dieters to have more of protein such as eggs, beef and meat. There are certain restrictions that are mandated to make the program more effective but they are definitely like the ones wherein you will be asked to munch on just one food or starve yourself to death. While advancements in the fields of science and technology have paved the way for the development of medicines that address gout problems, some people are still hesitant to use them. After all, with a problem that is just minor, gout can be easily remedied using herbal plants and other natural treatment alternatives. In fact, the importance of Atkins diet as a treatment option has gained popularity among gout sufferers only recently. Here is a look at the many benefits that this diet plan can give: 1. Atkins diet is a natural method that does not dwell on using chemicals to lose weight or treat gout. Thus, it dos not have any side effects. Surprisingly, you can still lose weight without starving yourself to death. How is this as a treatment option for gout? Studies have shown that weight loss also results in decreased levels in the uric acid which is the primary cause of gout. Thus, once a significant amount of pounds have been lost in your body, you also lower your uric acid levels. 2. Atkins diet is cheap. In fact, you do not have to pay for a dime if you want to go on a diet. However, you will have to be very particular of what you eat. Trim down your carbohydrates intake and eat more of proteins instead. In books about Atkins diet, look for a listing of the different fruits and other foods that you will eat and must not eat if you have gout. 3. Following a diet plan that is similar to Atkins diet is jus like shooting two birds with one stone. Where else can you find a plan that makes you lose weight and treats or lowers your risk for gout as well? While it is particularly true that other diet plans can be just as effective, no studies have been conducted to that effect. Unlike in the case of Atkins diet that has undergone testings and lab procedures, one can only be assured of its effectiveness. Atkins diet translates to a world of benefits. It is safe and natural. However, before going into this diet regimen, it is important that you present this idea to your doctor. It will make him aware of it and he can also give you good advice about eating right. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: