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The train derailed 440 cars, no precise control system is inferior to the European Sohu news in new network on 30 September,   according to foreign media reports, local time on the morning of 29, the United States of New Jersey Hoboken station a train derailment estimated carrying more than and 200 people into the platform, has killed at least 1 people were killed, more than 100 people injured. U.S. National Transportation Safety Board to investigate the cause of the incident, the authorities are expected to be held in Beijing morning briefing, the introduction of the relevant circumstances. According to reports, investigators will investigate the main driver of the train and train tracks. U.S. National Transportation Safety Board sent a team from Washington to assess the incident incident, has not yet made any remarks. According to Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) introduction, in 2008, the United States Congress passed the bill to require the United States to train by the year 2015, are required to install the precise train control system (Positive Train Control, PTC). This system is based on the global positioning system (GPS) security technology as the foundation, mainly to prevent train collision, speeding the derailment, without authorization to enter the construction area, the track switch error and other complex situations. It is reported that the system can be in the necessary time of human error, control train operation. Local time on September 29th, the United States, New Jersey, Ken Ken, a train crashed into the platform, or cause a large number of casualties. CFP vision in China, however, it is reported that due to the high cost of the system, the installation process is complex, some U.S. railway companies failed to complete the installation on schedule. Some companies even said that if you want to force the installation, the company will shut down all operations. Therefore, Congress had to extend the installation period to 2018. Broadcasting British Corporation reported that the New Jersey railway transportation company train derailed the 440 train, no one is equipped with the control system, the employees of the company also received no training on how to operate the system. British Guardian reported that the United States of America’s rail transport system is inferior to Europe, many European countries have automatic safety braking train system. Passengers at the time of the incident, the fifth passenger train, said his feelings were that the train came to a screeching halt, making a noise and slipping, and then a derailment accident occurred. New York fire department dispatched more than and 20 fire engines and rescue workers at the scene to help the wounded and stranded passengers. Currently 3 people died, more than and 100 people were injured, some seriously injured, or even coma, bleeding, many wounded were sent to hospital. Surrounding rail traffic has been suspended. Nearby community to lend a helping hand to the trapped passengers drinking water and food.相关的主题文章: