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Sports-and-Recreation Ammunition prices continue to rise, making a day at the range a costly adventure. Save money, and your scarce .223 ammunition, by converting your AR-15 to shoot .22lr ammunition. With todays .223 ammunition prices, you can shoot at least 10 rounds of .22 long rifle ammunition for the same price as a single .223 cartridge. Your savings in ammunition, will pay for the cost of the conversion kit in 500 rounds! Purchasing a .22lr conversion kit for your AR-15 is far more economical than buying a new rifle that is dedicated to .22 long rifle, especially when you consider all of the additional accessories you are going to need to purchase too. If you use your AR-15 for personal or home defense, using the same rifle more often will allow you to develop better muscle memory and handling habits. Shooting .22lr cartridges are not only less expensive to shoot, but they are not as tough on the barrel as full powered .223/5.56mm ammunition. Youll enjoy a slower reduction in barrel life by using a .22lr conversion kit for plinking, training and familiarization, and other activities. The Target Master .22 long rifle conversion unit is a drop-in, blow-back activated device designed to adapt M16 and AR-15 rifles to fire .22 long rifle cartridges. The Target Master conversion unit installs in less than 1 minute without the use of tools and allows the use of inexpensive .22 long rifle ammunition in lieu of more expensive .223/5.56 ammunition. Target Master is designed to replace the standard bolt group without any permanent modifications to the rifle. It will not change the appearance, feel, weight or handling of the rifle. The performance and operating procedures do not change, making the Target Master conversion kit a great solution for low-cost training and rifle familiarization. The Target Master Conversion kit has proven to be very accurate in all rifles tested to date. We have tested the unit in the following rifles: Bushmaster, Colt, CMMG, DPMS, Model-1, Olympic Arms, Rock River, Smith and Wesson, and Stag. Lower cost ammunition is the primary reason most M16/AR-15 owners purchase a Target Master conversion kit. The goal is to find the lowest cost .22LR ammunition that maintains an acceptable level of accuracy in your rifle. All rifle and ammunition .binations produce different accuracy results. We suggest you try several different types and brands of ammunition in your rifle to discover its maximum accuracy potential. The Target Master staff has tested many different types of .22 long-rifle ammunition in the Conversion Unit. The most consistently accurate results were obtained with standard and high velocity ammunition weighing 36-40 grs. Copper coated ammunition, while not more inherently accurate, allows for longer shooting sessions of acceptable accurate fire between cleanings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: