Why You Should Avoid White Boxer Dogs-rainlendar

Pets Boxer dogs are a stocky breed, medium in size with a coat that is shiny, smooth and short-haired. Although, the most familiar ones are fawn or brindle in tone without markings, it is not un.mon to find ones with a white underbelly and white markings on all the four paws. These white markings also known as ‘flash’, many times also extend up to other parts of the dog’s body like the neck and the face. And hence, very often such types of dogs are also referred to as ‘flashy’. Boxers with white markings that cover more than one-third of the coat are called as white boxer dogs. Although, 20 to 25% from this breed are born white, they cannot be classified as albinos. To be precise, these dogs genetically have a fawn or brindle colored base coat, but due to the excessive white flashes over their base coat, they are classified as white boxer dogs. However, if you are looking to get a boxer as a pet, be wary of getting a white boxer dog for the following reasons. Just like the fair-skinned individuals in the human species, white boxer dogs also suffer from similar problems. .pared to their fawn or brindled friends, white boxer dogs, face a greater risk of sunburns and associated ailments like skin cancers. The piebald gene, which is to be blamed for the excessive white pigmentation is also responsible for congenital sensorineural deafness in white boxer dogs. The deafness arises as a result of deficiency of inner ear pigmentation. Consequently, this leads to the damage of the auditory nerve cells. Approximately, more than18% of white boxer dogs are reportedly deaf in one or both the ears. Traditionally, puppies of white boxer dogs were frequently euthanized at birth. But today, breeders prefer to place white boxer puppies in pet homes under neuter agreements, in order to prevent further breeding of this particular white line. Although all Boxer clubs forbid including white boxer dogs in breeding programs and are not eligible for conformation shows, they are allowed to contend in non-conformation activities like agility and obedience. Despite their genetic conditions, they are at par with the fawn and the brindled variety in every other respect. Like their colored counterparts, white boxer dogs too are prone to cancers, heart concerns including the boxer cardiomyopathy and SAS, hypothyroidism, degenerative myelopathy, and hip dysplasia. Other genetic conditions .mon in white boxer dogs are similar to those in fawn or brindle ones like bloat, gastric dilatation, allergies and intestinal issues. Another affliction that affects this breed occasionally is the malformation of the eyelid also known as entropion. This condition can be corrected using surgical procedures. Some pedigree may also have a predisposition to form spondylosis deformans, a condition in which fusing of the spine occurs. Hence, it is strongly re.mended that you acquire boxer pets only from reputed breeders. Since, they are responsible and use specific tests before breeding, in order to screen the boxers for any ge.ic conditions. This in turn, guarantees a thorough bred breeding stock. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: