Winning Fusion Of Amazon And Android Application

Software Delivering a variety of utilitarian Android Mobile application development , Android, in no time, plans to dominate the entire mobile market. With its new super phone concept, Google is sure to rule the next generation smart phone market. Its new Galaxy Nexus, a phone with the best hardware and software capabilities, is hitting the top charts of news columns since a few months. Android application development plans to stop by no means. Figures show the increase in Android tablet market by 10 percent while there is a decline in iPad shares.  Dozens of Android models distributed across multiple countries by numerous brands. Analytics said that a large boost came from the holiday sale of the Amazon Kindle Fire. What is Amazon Kindle Fire? Kindle Fire is an Android-based tablet from Amazon. Powered with 7-inch multi-touch display and IPS technology, Kindle Fire is a successor of Kindle e-book reader. After its launch in September 2011, Kindle Fire has an access to Amazon app store. To encourage sales, Amazon reduced the tablet prices and offered customizations. This led to extensive demand of Kindle tablets increasing the shares of Googles operating system from 29 percent to 39 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011. Googles global tablet shipment reached an all time high of 26.8 million units. Android is much of an open market; however, Apples success credit goes to its controlled structure demonstrated in all its iOS-based devices. Kindle Fire runs on Android operating system. It is an Apple killer being an entrant for controlled structure in Android devices. Amazon uses its own app store, instead of the Android market, which depicts that Amazon has a control over which Android apps need to be displayed to its users. Kindle introduces several great features, which will probably be useful in the near future. What is Googles next? The super phone era is here as Google delivers land free, secured and power backup device, Nexus. Along with its powerful hardware, Nexus runs on Verizons LTE 4G network. It is the fastest technology and offers broadest coverage. LTE gobbles up battery life; however unlike Apple, Google offers a user-replaceable battery, so you can always carry a spare. To match the seamlessness that of Apple, RIM and Windows, Google plans to take up Motorola Mobility holdings. Motorola RAZR Android 4.0 Blur is the next. The device shows some customization over Androids new UI elements from Ice Cream Sandwich. Camera and lock have been skinned, and the home screen includes MOTOBLUR icons. We are expecting to see the updates on this device soon. Is Apple losing the battle? Apple is still the numero uno. Although it lost 10 percent share in the last quarter of 2011, iPad reports the sale of 43.1 million iPads in 2011, which is twice as .pared to Android tablet devices. Tim Cook, the current Apple CEO, feels that there is no change in the statistics of Apples sale due to Android. However, strategy analytics share concerns for Apple in the near future as Google continuously launches utilitarian applications and technology arresting the consumer market. With Kindle Fire, it appears that Android apps development in India and abroad will remain on fire. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: