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Extreme sports world mortality rate as high as 30%, why Sohu came to Yunnan tourism as the world’s most extreme sports crazy, wing mounted flight mortality rate as high as 30%, and even the founder of wing costumes in the years of flight error and died…… But this can not stop the enthusiasm of the fans. What is the magic of the sport so that the wings of the warriors are addicted to it? Now, the world’s top wing mounted flight athletes came to the mountains of Yunnan, Zhaotong package, in the international wing flying World Cup finals for us to interpret the charm of the sport! Zhaotong city is located in the northeast of Yunnan Province, is a typical mountain tectonic terrain, Yamadaka Tani deep, elevation gap. Zhaotong’s unique natural landscape is that the formation of Zhaotong Dashanbao Huang Lianhe, Tongluoba Xiaocaoba, unique and charming scenery. Zhaotong is a city with a long history, rich cultural heritage, the city has more than 20 Neolithic sites. In Wulian Dashanbao peak mountain ridge, 3100 meters altitude, from Yunnan Zhaotong City kilometers, the annual average temperature of 6.2 degrees Celsius. Is a be a virgin field, a typical plateau meadow landscape; charming alpine lakes; summer winter snow blooming flowers; rime; quaint cottage village; changeable climate light mysterious Buddha; Jigong Mountain; meadow marsh Starfall Qibu, fresh air, every year to the next year, a large number of black necked cranes, white geese wintering here. Dashanbao beautiful scenery, lush vegetation, mountain ravines, gurgling springs nourish the honest people here, the mountain herds of cattle and sheep leisurely eating grass. Look at the clouds, sunrise, a brilliant yamahana. A roof covered with moss, surrounded by mountains around the small village green mountains! Quiet and beautiful, peaceful and quiet, a rarely disturbed by the original ecological village! In the mountains, the first time saw the buddha. In fact, the formation of Buddha is in need of some factors, such as fog, like the projector screen, at this time the sun must be behind you, the sun must be just 25 degrees to the point of view of direct, at this time like the projector, resulting in a "Buddha" ~ four cylinder Wumeng is encouraged by the intangible cultural heritage in Zhaotong before. The first is that the local funeral dance, now slowly evolved into fun holiday lively performances, jump is vigorous, magnificent, magnificent scenes in Dashanbao alpine meadow on a single balloon riotous with colour slowly rising, we dare to challenge the wing, we can greatly heat the balloon ride overlooking the magnificent mountain package. Dashanbao suddenly cleared, Dashanbao Canyon in the Grand Canyon seem like a fairyland on this platform, wing mounted pilots in the final test preparation. Look at their excitement, a little nervous mood. In our expectation, birders out of touch the sky jumping, speed per hour kilometers per hour to two thousand meters of the canyon to fly, in order to ensure the successful flight, using their hands and feet, continuously adjust and control the direction toward Dashanbao Canyon roaring away. Accompanied by bursts of applause and cheers, watching them a little bit smaller, small Q相关的主题文章: