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UnCategorized Your mind power can benefit greatly from various forms of entertainment. Choosing the right television shows and movies to watch, the best books to read and listening to a variety of music are all ways to boost your mind power. You might think you turn your brain off while enjoying some of these preoccupations, but in actuality you can stimulate your brain and increase your mind power. Watching movies in a theater, as opposed to at home on television or on a DVD, allows you to enjoy a plot larger than that of a television episode while also increasing your attention span. With a DVD, you can pause to take a break, and most television channels have .mercials. While there are many quality shows on television now, it is easier to let your brain slip into relaxation mode. If you prefer television to movies, one good option to boost your mind power could be to rent or buy the DVD of a season of your favorite show and watch it in a marathon. This way, the .mercials are removed and you can focus for longer periods of time than a half hour on television. It .es as no surprise that reading books boosts your mind power. While it might be tempting to read during the .mercials of a TV show, try setting aside time to focus on the written word. Whether reading a bestselling novel or a book that explicitly provides methods for expanding your mental capabilities, being able to focus solely on the book will allow you to understand it better. Listening to music with well-written lyrics is not unlike reading good poetry. There are almost innumerable ways to listen to music. You can play it in the car to keep your mind focused. You can play it softly to unwind from a rough day. Pay close attention to the lyrics (provided you listen to music with vocals). This exercise in focus can help you develop your mind power by getting you to focus on your surroundings. Even when you are entertaining yourself, try thinking about what might happen in the movie you are watching or the book you are perusing. See if your intuitive skills increase after practicing for some time. If you’re watching with someone else, you might want to keep your predictions to yourself or write them down, as you don’t want to spoil the experience for them. But predicting the next lines, plot, conclusion, etc. is a great intuitive exercise that can not only be fun, but can increase your mind power. It might seem contradictory to what you think, but even enjoying a thoughtfully written and plotted television show can help you to boost your mind power. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: