Yue Yunpeng looked Deyunshe always smooth and new interactive network – Yueh Sun ridicule 9c8950

Yue Yunpeng looked Deyunshe always goes well with Yueh Sun ridicule new network interaction – experienced last week "zeroth period" netizen collective trial piece, "Idol" on the sauce aunt do not follow the routine play comedy topics, strong cast lineup and sophisticated programming has sparked a lively discussion, the board did not see enough review opinions users with a barrage of message maxed out on Youku "program". "Idol" is neither should sauce by Youku and cool entertainment large star movie to create a joint selection experience show, as a couple, Li Yong HARVIN net first show, show friends and much industry expectations. Today (August 26th), "Idol" on the sauce neither the first phase of the program officially in Youku online, ushered in the first idol Yue Yunpeng. As a frequent visitor to Youku on the screen, the small Yue Yue show funny skill in the program, tailored for the "dilemma" and "can do" before the rules, frequently lead to explosion point, and the program is given "Wow, so exciting!" The sincerity of the evaluation. The "upright Yue" taste too heavy to call to see Yu Qian do a nude scene show began, Yue Yunpeng "cheap" four high-energy sauce. As usual, Li Yinhe Yue Yunpeng "hot question whether it is with his wife’s wedding festivities night first" small Yue Yue "broke Frank to marry his wife has been pregnant for three months" of the facts. In this regard, after 50, Li Yinhe said, this behavior is not unusual, the proportion of pre marital sex in China has reached 71%, in the face of shocked people in front of the figures, but actually blurted out, Yue Yunpeng, ah, ah!" I did not expect, simple and lovely Yue Yunpeng, cheap Meng Meng Meng outside the appearance of a star actually so bold heart! Then, in the face of choice and you want to Angelababy or kissing scenes with Yu Qian Chuangxi ", Geng Zhiyue not only made no secret of the beautiful women of all ages, is to play with Yu Qian Chuangxi options all refused. However, as the conversation went on, there was a big reversal! In the host to crown option plus pounds if you choose Yu Qian and his bed, then Yu Qian naked ", Yue Yunpeng did not hesitate, the decision to give up the beauty," volunteered for the sake of art ", see Yu Qian do a nude scene. In front of friends, like what beauty is not important! The "roaring mountain" caught in the dilemma of "chocolate shit" Crazy "idol idol" just on the line on the first phase of a sauce, will refresh the dilemma circle line. A "shit you choose to eat chocolate or chocolate shit" problem, let the small Yue Yue scalp, "I do not choose the roaring scene which I do not choose!" However, standing in the "Idol" at the site of the sauce should neither have to make a choice, and to do. The host Li Yong actually really put the ultimate choice of small Yue Yue – Dark cuisine in the leader of the chocolate flavor feces end to the scene, but also demonstrated its high-energy production process. However, a sauce taste of the aunt facing the scene so that calm of master Li Yinhe is an important research topic from the "eat shit" talk about sex science "nuelian". In the subsequent "cosmetic" discussion, four aunt is yiyanbuge sauce to fight RAP, turn the tide. My friends love Yue bluntly mengliao!相关的主题文章: